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Technology Tips for April
Posted On:
Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

10 useful shortcut tip to use for computers include:

Ctrl+C: With this keyboard command, you will be able to copy any highlighted text into your clipboard. For Apple users, press the command (Cmd) key on the keyboard. For example, pressing the Cmd+ C would copy the highlighted text.

Ctrl+V: You would also need to know the keyboard shortcut to paste the copied text as well. For that, you would have to press Ctrl+V. On Apple computers, use Cmd+F.

Ctrl+F: By pressing Ctrl+F, you will activate the Find feature or the navigation box. With this, you will be able to find text on the program. For Apple computer press Cmd+F

Ctrl S: By pressing Ctrl+S, you will be able to save your document. This will allow you to save without having to waste time opening up File and saving from there. For Apple computers, press Cmd+S.



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