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Teacher of The Month: Mr. Brian Welch
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Mr. Brian Welch
Mr. Brian Welch

Teacher of the Month

Mr. Brian Welch


1. What do you feel is the most rewarding part of teaching? 

Getting to see my kids/players every day.


2. How do you hope your students will remember you? 

Fair and honest with them. Someone who always had their best interest at heart.


3. What are the two most important qualities that a good teacher should possess? Why?

Understanding- kids have to know that you are about them and their well being.

Dedicated to the job- many hours get logged past 2:55.


4. What do you like most about teaching at JHS?

Getting to see the colonel EVERY DAY!


5. What characteristics do you think a good student should have? Why? 

A drive to learn. I can’t teach that.


6. What is your favorite- 

Food? Protein shake 

Book? The Notice 

Song? He Stopped Loving Her Today. Greatest song ever.

Season of the year? Summer

Vacation Spot? Surfside.





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