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Shauna Miller: Teacher of the Month
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Friday, September 13, 2019
Shauna Miller
Shauna Miller

Mrs. Miller teaches Animation, Digital Publication Design, and Image Editing courses as a part of our Career And Technology Education (CATE) department. She graduated from Johnsonville High School and The University of South Carolina. She describes her favorite part of teaching as, “when a student creates a masterpiece and a student is proud of his or her work.” She hopes her students will remember her “as the teacher who cared for about them and taught them lessons that they can use in life.” Congratulations to Mrs. Miller for being chosen JHS Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Miller's Thoughts on Teaching:

What are the two most important qualities that a good teacher should possess? Why? 

Teachers should always be energetic and compassionate. I feel these two qualities will help students in the learning process.

What characteristics do you think a good student should have? Why? 

 Charisma and motivation should be characteristics that students portray. Charisma and motivation will help students meet future goals and help them in life.

What do you like most about teaching at JHS? 

I love the students, staff and administrative staff here at JHS!


Mrs. Miller's Favorites:

Food:  Steak

Movie:  Jurrasic World

BooK: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Season of the year: fall

Vacation spot: Disney World

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