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Graduation Information for Parents and Graduates
Posted On:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Message from Principal, Sam Tuten

April 29, 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian and Graduate,

The JHS Class Night and Graduation Ceremony have traditionally been dignified programs of which our graduates and parents have been proud. The sponsors work very hard to ensure that these programs are memorable for all involved.  As we are faced with unprecedented times, we are planning an event that will showcase the Class of 2020.  Johnsonville High School will have our Graduation Showcase on a series of dates leading up to the originally scheduled graduation date of June 5th.  We will issue diplomas in a “Family Event” for students (10 guests). The event will include a personal ceremony for the graduate with some components of Class Night.  Each graduate will be videoed, and all of the segments will be combined and posted on YouTube on June 5th, 2020 (The original date of graduation for family viewing.). Here’s how it will work:

  • Arrive at the JHS Gym Entrance (closest to the front entrance) at your designated time. (See below for your time.  It is imperative that you are on time and do not congregate at the entrance.)
  • As you enter, you will receive any Honor Cords or your Beta Club Stole (if applicable).
  • You will enter the gym through the visitors’ side entrance in the lobby.
  • When instructed, family members will move to designated spots on the gym floor with the graduate moving to the stage entrance (left side-facing the stage).
  • Once everyone is in place, the graduate’s information that is normally read at Class Night will be read (Form is available through the student’s FSD5 Email.  Due: May 8th).
  • After the completion of the information being read, the graduate’s name will be called as it would be in a normal graduation.  The student will walk across the stage and receive his/her diploma.  
  • The student will exit the stage, and the family will follow the graduate and exit the gym through the softball field exit. (We ask that you not congregate in the parking lots after the ceremony to maintain social distances.)


  • Each senior will be allowed ten (10) guests.  Handicap seating is available upon a request at the time of entry. We ask that you do not bring children under the age of five (5).
  • Follow the graduation information enclosed in this letter.
  • Be on time for your designated appointment.
  • Hold your applause and vocal expressions until your graduate has been recognized, received his/her diploma, and has exited the stage. This is important as EACH GRADUATE deserves to have his or her name heard clearly on the video.
  • A photographer will be photographing each senior as he or she receives his or her diploma at graduation.  Other pictures may be taken from your spot on the gym floor.
  • Please review the important information and dates listed below as well as check your FSD5 Email.  


Senior Information Email is due to Mrs. Denise Floyd via email ( by Friday, May 8th.

Scholarship Documentation is due to Mrs. Tracey Washington via email ( by Friday, May 8th.

The Class Survey sent to you via email will be due by Friday, May 8th.  Please follow the link to vote.

Toddler photos are due to Mrs. Wendy Calcutt via email ( by Friday, May 8th.

You should receive a copy of this letter with your appointment information in the mail.

Appointment Date: __________    Day: __________________    Time: ______________

Additional Graduation Information 

1.       Be prompt in reporting to the gym for your appointed time (as indicated in your letter mailed to your address).

2.       Be sure to bring your cap, gown, and tassel and have them in good shape (pressed and ready to wear). Iron with warm iron and use pressing cloth. BOYS are recommended to wear dark tie, white shirt, black dress pants, and dark dress shoes with dark socks. GIRLS are recommended to wear black shoes and a dress or skirt. GIRLS should sew the white collar to the gown and wear a minimum of jewelry. (No dangling earrings.)

3.       Caps should be worn so that THE MORTARBOARD IS LEVEL and the long point of the crown is in the back. The front point should be down the forehead.  Nothing is to be displayed on the hat or gown (including monogramming).

4.       Receive your diploma with your left hand.

5.       Leave your chewing gum and sunglasses at home.

6.       Your parents and other guests will have a designated place to stand as you cross the stage to receive your diploma.

7.       After you receive your diploma and exit the stage, you and your parents and guests will exit out of the back of the gym.

8.       We are requesting that children under the age of five (5) not attend the ceremony.

9.       ONLY military, honor and high honor graduate cords are to be worn at graduation.

Your cooperation with these requests will be greatly appreciated. We are confident that our graduation program will continue to be a rewarding experience for all!



Sam Tuten,


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