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Renee Fish Staff Photo

Class Rules 



·         Be in the classroom before the tardy bell.   

            Consequence:  Tardy documented in PowerTeacher

·         Attend class prepared to be productive.                                          

            Consequence:  Daily Grade Lowered

·         Bring necessary books and materials from other classes with you. This includes students' JHS issued

      agenda. No students will be allowed to leave the room to go anywhere (restroom, another

      teacher, office, etc.) without THEIR JHS agenda.

            Consequence:  Daily Grade Lowered

·         Respect yourself and others in the way that you speak and act. 

             Consequence:  Discipline determined by severity of action(s). 

·         No head down on desk and/or sleeping.                                        

            1st Offense: Verbal Warning

            2nd Offense: Automatic Daily Grade of 59

·         Absolutely no electronic devices  (ie: IPods, cell phones, CD players, MP3 player)                    

            1st Offense:  Verbal Warning

            2nd Offense: Device taken and write up